Mrs. Lori: Second Grade

About Me
  • Mrs. Lori Loftis
  • Husband- Coach Arnold Loftis
  • Son- Kendal Loftis 
  • I'm an only child! 
  • West Pines Elementary
  • North Greene High School
  • Carson Newman University BS in Elementary Education
  • Masters (1) Tusculum College
  • Masters (No.2) Union College
Job Experience(s):
  • 6-8 grade 9 years (1 year at Bulls Gap all others at Baileyton)
  • Title I / Lab k-8 10 year
  • 1st & 2nd grade
  • 1 year virtual kids only
  • Other responsibilities held during my years at Baileyton:
    • I've done a bit of everything but coach a sport & you don't want to see that! LOL
    • Tutoring, Spelling Bee, Round Robin, Middle School Newspaper, 7th & 8th grade Sponsor, A+ Certification, SACS Lead, Certified Grant Writer, Building Level Assessment/Testing, Scheduling, Title I Budget,  School Level Technology, Staff Development Presenter at School and Tech Events, Parent-Involvement Coordinator, Parenting Fair, SIP Lead, PLC Leader, Read to Be Ready Summer School Teacher & School Lead, District Learning Leader, and First Grade Portfolio Committee/Grader.
Hobbies: TV, Family, Travel, and Sleep