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Below are links to the Tennessee Curriculum standards.
For Math we follow the Eureka math program (link to parent info). In addition to the lesson in the book we supplement with other things to help the students gain number sense and number fluency. In addition to our whole group lesson we also utilize the following activities and program to help learn second grade math skills: Number sense talks/activities, Zaern, iReady Math (adaptive) computer program, Reflex, Prodigy, Videos, Math games/activities, Hundreds chart activities, and Problem solving tasks. 
For Phonics we are using the Read 360 Program provided by the State of TN. In the summer of 2021 I complete 2 training courses one online and one week long in person session. This program includes phonemic awareness, phonics lessons, decodable stories,and comprehension questions for us to do daily. In addition spelling words are sent home weekly for students to practice at home. 
For Reading and Writing we use Wit & Wisdom. This teaches listening, writing, grammar, comprehension, and other ELA skills not covered by the Read 360 program. The link above is for the site but if you would like to know more in depth about the topics and curriculum reach out to me, as I have not yet had the time to put in depth links yet.
If your child is in my second grade class you are able to find more information along with links to the stories in our Google Classroom page.