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Baileyton Library

The library is open between 8 and 2:15 everyday for our students' use.  Our library collection contains about 12,500 books. Donations are accepted and gratefully appreciated. Books not suitable for the library's collection will be placed in an appropriate classroom. Mrs. Laws is striving toward a library collection that will assist in preparing Baileytons students for middle school.

Books are often placed in the library in honor or in memory of loved ones or members of the community. Mrs. Laws affixes a label inside those books with the information listing the names of whom they are in honor of or in memory of and the person or family who has placed the book in their honor or memory. 

The last 4-5 years the library has been kept open one day each week for 7 weeks during the summer months, with the exception of the 2020 summer. The goal is to help prevent the "summer slide" in the area of reading. Many times students that do not reading during the summer forget reading skills learned during the school year. This program stopped the summer of 2020 due to summer camps being implemented during summer months.

In 2017-2018 Baileyton Library begin implementing a makerspace. Laura Fleming defines makerspace as a place to explore, tinker, and create. Materials will continue to be added as we explore this new era in the library field.

During the summer of 2019-2020 the Baileyton Library saw several renovations including new paint and carpet. New circular tables were added to accommodate the conversion to grades K-5.The shade of paint used was Sherwin Williams agreeable gray.